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Vocational Education

Head of Department: Mr. Williams

Teachers of Vocational Education: 


Vocational Education provides learners with essential skills enhancing their employability, supporting their personal development and encouraging active citizenship. Vocational Education boosts enterprise performance, competitiveness, research and innovation. 


Vocational Education is on the curriculum to help students bridge the gap between school and adulthood. It provides the opportunity to access a wide range of Non-academic career experiences within the school environment to enable them with the support of staff to make more informed choices in their Post 16 pathway. 


 Vocational Education is  currently available to Years 10 &11 with some bespoke packages for Year 9 students. School use NOCN Pathway. This enables students to study a wide range of practical topics e.g. Woodwork, Hair and Beauty alongside Life Skills they will need Post 16 such as opening a bank, account, budgeting, applying for credit etc. Students can vary and choose individual elements to augment their portfolio. Students can aim for Certificate, Award and Diploma and this indicates how much curriculum time they will need in Year 11.


Vocational Education was introduced as Finch Woods realised more and more pupils were choosing practical courses Post 16 and that the practical skills covered in the DT Curriculum was limited. Widening the range  and increasing the time  students have to use practical skills in school has better equipped them for accessing Post 16 Learning in colleges and the workplace. 


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