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Finch Woods Academy

The Wider World

Teacher: Mr Johnson


In The Wider World we explore our surroundings, giving pupils the opportunity to learn and grow outside of the classroom. We develop a variety of skills including mountain biking, indoor climbing and orienteering. We expose pupils to a range of different cultures and faiths, and explore the city they live in. We develop pupils’ leadership skills and self-confidence so that they can become the best citizens that they can be.


Why the Wider World?

The wider world is designed as a therapeutic intervention which enhances the Finch Woods Curriculum. It takes away the pressures of the tradition class based subjects and takes the pupils out of school to develop their personal and social confidence.


Programme of study


By the end of year 9, pupils will have begun to gather qualifications and certificates to evidence their experiences and achievements in The Wider World such as Climbing Nicas L1 (a National Qualification) and The Lord Derby Award. Pupils will begin to learn the skills needed to become effective leaders, using structured feedback techniques to review their own and others’ progress in activities. Pupils will be confident in and around water, knowing how to keep themselves safe with the use of buoyancy aids and equipment.



By year 11 at Finch Woods Academy, pupils will developed their skills to a point where they are ready for the demands of life beyond school. In Year 11, pupils will develop their independence skills and prepare for employment, further education or training. They will complete leadership awards and be on the way to completing the   Duke of Edinburgh qualification. When out in the community, they will be able to conduct themselves appropriately and safely. They will be aware of activities that they can participate in to encourage good social skills and recognise the importance of leisure for good mental health. Pupils will take part in college visits and be supported with work experience and independent travel to prepare them for life after Finch Woods Academy.


Pledge Activities:

The wider world curriculum will also include many activities which are on the schools exciting pledge. The time allocated on the school timetable will also allow other subjects to offer pledge activities without disruption to the timetable.