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Finch Woods Academy

Reading & Phonics

We are a reading school

At Finch Woods Academy, we recognise the importance of secure literacy skills.

Many of our pupils struggle in this area so our curriculum caters to developing their skills.

All pupils have access to a range of texts both within and outside of normal English lessons. As part of the English curriculum, all pupils will read a range of prose, drama and poetry texts and non-fiction materials tailored to their interests.

In addition to English lessons, pupils will be supported with their reading across the curriculum. Every class has a Teaching Assistant assigned to it and a range of resources such as highlighters, coloured overlays and tracking tools to make assessing texts easier.

Reading is a part of being a successful learner and important in enabling pupils to lead rich and fulfilling lives. All staff promote reading and a visit to our school will show prospective pupils how well our pupils are progressing on their reading journey.

Bi-weekly, pupils enjoy form reading time where a range of texts are explored. These include plays, novels and non-fiction texts. Depending on their group, pupils may read independently or as part of a group. All pupils are encouraged to read aloud to others if they want to and the Academy is currently in the process of exploring the ‘Bark and Read’ scheme.

For those pupils who do not feel confident with reading, support is in place to help them develop more confidence. The Academy uses Read Write Inc. to ensure that all pupils are able to go back to basics if required. We use high interest texts for older readers to ensure that pupils access materials that are engaging while also pitched at the right levels. One to one time is available to pupils who require additional support or help in feeling confident reading in a group situation.

Whether you want to sit on your own and get to grips with YA literature like ‘The Maze Runner’ by James Dashner or ‘The Enemy’ by Charlie Higson or are better accessing texts in a small group or even on a computer screen, Finch Woods Academy has a reading group that will inspire, encourage and support you on your reading journey. Where will literature take you today?