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Finch Woods Academy

Pupil Area

At Finch Woods Academy, we have a careers programme in place that ensures that you are well equipped for the future and have the information you need to make realistic and informed decisions about further education, training and employment. 

When you leave school at 16 years, you are likely to have some or all of the following options available to you depending on your ability, independence and support needs. Watch this short video that explains some of your options. 


Further education at a college or training provider to study vocational courses like BTECs / T Levels or academic courses like A Levels.

Apprenticeship - An apprenticeship is a way to gain the skills, knowledge and experience you need to get into many careers. They combine work, training, study and you get paid! Apprenticeships are available across a range of areas. Search for apprenticeships on GOV.UK and Be More.

Traineeship - Usually a 6 month programme made up of extended work experience working towards qualifications. A traineeship will normally lead to an apprenticeship or work. Further information can be found here.

Supported Internship - Supported Internships are a study programme for learners with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs). Learners will have a work placement and complete relevant qualifications alongside their placement. Click here for more information about Liverpool's Supported Internship programme. 

Watch these videos to help you understand Supported Internships:

George the Supported Intern at Regenda Housing

Mark the Supported Intern at a Liverpool Hotel

Harry the Supported Intern and John from Sandfield Park

Daniel the Supported Intern at Manchester Hospital

Ed the Supported Intern in Facilities

Harry the Supported Intern at a Solicitors


Useful websites, resources and contacts

  • The school Careers Leader, Mrs Carroll, offers impartial advice and guidance working with pupils from Year 7 through to Year 11. To contact or book an appointment email bcarroll@finchwoodsacademy.net. You can also contact a qualified Careers Advisor via text / phone or webchat to discuss careers, courses and finding a job
  • The National Careers Service - Information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work
  • Job Help - Help and support with your CV, interview skills and finding a job
  • icould buzz quiz Not sure what career is best for you? Take a quiz!
  • Careermag - Online magazine for school leavers
  • FutureLearn Careers - Find a career that matches your education and skills
  • Skills Builder Tutor Programme 2020-21