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Physical Education

Head of Department: Mr Silva

Teachers of PE: Mr Silva and Mr Johnson


We aim to encourage all pupils to actively engage in lifelong physical activity. This is not only as a participant but in roles such as leaders, coaches and officials. We offer a wide and varied curriculum that will encourage participation and inspire our pupils to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Through the activities we teach pupils learn how to be healthy and what it means to be healthy.


Why is PE important for our students?

PE helps our pupils express themselves in a different environment to that of the classroom. It enables them to build confidence in their body image and physical capabilities.

Pupils are introduced to new sports and therefore learn new skills whilst also developing their pre-existing skills. They learn the importance of team work, leadership and sportsmanship, whilst competing against their peers and understand that practice and effort equals success.

We believe that PE should be delivered in a fun and enjoyable manor equipping pupils with the basic skills and understanding in preparation for life after school. We use PE to educate pupils how stay healthy through exercising frequently and maintaining a balanced diet, allowing pupils to take care of their own body.


Programme of study

We introduce pupils to six key sports including: Basketball, Badminton, Football, Health Related Exercise, Tennis and Striking and Fielding. Over the five years we will not only look to develop pupils' basic skills to perform and compete with their peers in each of these sports, but also develop their overall understanding and knowledge of the rules and regulations applied to each sport. This helps pupils to develop the confidence to officiate, lead and coach each sport. Our intent for each year is shown below:


Key Stage 3:

Year 7: By the end of year 7, pupils will have been introduced to a range of different sporting activities. They will have an understanding of basic game play, the rules and the key skills required to engage in selected sports. They will be able to perform the skills learnt in a competitive environment. In competition they will be able to work both as individuals and as a team.

Year 8: By the end of year 8, pupils will have developed their skills further from year 7. They will have revisited key skills learnt in year 7 and continued to develop these further. Additionally pupils will learn the importance of movement across all sports in PE and in those invasion based sports pupils will learn the importance of keeping possession. In HRE they will take part in the different principles of training whilst gaining an understanding of how to measure their heart rate before and after exercise.

Year 9: By the end of year 9, pupils will have developed their skills from year 8. They will continue to develop their understanding of game play and the importance of spatial awareness. They will be able to conduct their own warm up and understand its importance in preparation for physical activity. In performance they will be able to perform a range of skills to a good level both during practice and in competition. They will gain an understanding of how different sports affect the body and its cardiovascular system.


Key Stage 4:

Year 10: By the end of Key Stage 3, pupils will have developed their skills to a point where they are ready for the demands of Key Stage 4. In Year 10, pupils will focus on becoming physically competent with their bodies. They will be able to exercise competently in a range of sports. They will have mastered a number of sports skills and understand the importance of physical activity in leading a healthy lifestyle. There will be an increased opportunity for pupils to develop key skills through conditioned games.

Year 11: In their final year at Finch Woods Academy, pupils will have developed their skills to a point where they are ready for the demands of life after school. In Year 11, pupils will continue to focus on becoming confident in their physical capabilities for life. They will understand and be aware of the potential sport and social clubs available in preparation for life after school. They will understand the importance of regular exercise and healthy eating on leading a healthy lifestyle. They will develop their communication skills further and develop their ability to organise activities and drills effectively. They will be able to lead sessions of their own and assess their peers performance. They will be able to provide feedback identifying strengths and areas of improvement.


Pledge Activity:

  1. Football stadium tour

 Curriculum Overview 

For a more detailed look at what we aim to cover within the PE Curriculum this year:

PE Curriculum Overview

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