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The Times of the School Day

08:45-09:00 - Taxi Arrival & Form time (Registration on arrival)

09:00-09:40 - First Period

09:40-10:20 - Second Period

10:20-10:35 - Break Time

10:35-11:20 - Third Period

11:20-12:05 - Fourth Period

12:05-12:55 - Dinner Break

12:55-13:35 - Fifth Period

13:35-14:00 - Reading Time

14:00-14:30- Golden Time (open to pupils who have positively engaged all day)/ Lesson Catch Up

14:30 - Taxi collection starts (End of School Day)

*Total number of hours provided 28.45

Absence Reporting

If your child is going to be absent from school please let us know when and why in good time. Please do so by contacting the school reception on 0151 271 3288. If you do not provide a valid reason for your child’s absence then your child will receive an unauthorised absence mark.

Your child is only allowed to miss school if either:

  • they are too ill to attend
  • you have notified the school of a planned absence and have been granted permission e.g. for a medical appointment

Your child should avoid taking holidays during term time. If you do wish to take your child out of school during term time then you will need to seek permission from the school by completing and submitting to the school the below leave request form.

Your child should only be taken out of school during term time in exceptional circumstances.

Please be aware that you can be fined for taking your child on holiday during term time without the school’s permission.

 Click here to access the Leave Request Form


The majority of our pupils travel to and from school via a pre-arranged taxi / minibus, arranged through their local authority transport teams. Contact details for each can be found below:

Knowsley Pupils

Parents / carers of pupils who live in the Knowsley borough need to organise transport before pupils begin at Finch Woods Academy. Contact the Knowsley transport team directly by calling 0151 443 2440 or alternatively create an online account by clicking the link: www.transport.knowsley.gov.uk

Parents / carers of pupils who live outside of Knowsley do not have to set up an account. Their transport should be arranged by their local authority.

Halton Pupils

Contact the Halton transport team directly by calling 0151 511 7444 or by emailing        Transportco-ordination@halton.gov.uk

St Helens Pupils

Contact the St Helens transport team directly by calling 0174 467 1031 or by emailing    schooltransport@sthelens.gov.uk

Liverpool Pupils

Contact the Liverpool transport team directly by calling 0151 233 6511 or by emailing Sen.transport@liverpool.gov.uk

School Breakfast

We are delighted to offer a FREE Breakfast provision in school for our children.

The breakfast, that is provided by the National School Breakfast Programme runs from 08:45-09:00 (form time) and includes bagels and a variety of cereals. 

The National School Breakfast Programme is funded by the Department for Education and run by Family Action to support schools in England to provide children with a healthy breakfast at the start of the school day.

Family Action is committed to supporting child development, and believe a healthy school breakfast, without barrier or stigma, can set up children to succeed and give them the very best chance to learn.

In a normal school year, schools are open just over half the year (taking into account weekends and school holidays). This means even where breakfast is available within school, children are still having breakfast at home almost 50% of the time. Below you will find tips, ideas, information, recipes, videos and quizzes to make breakfast time an easy part of your morning routine at home.

Breakfast at home

School Uniform

School blazers are given to pupils on their first day. Parents / carers need to provide the remaining items of uniform (as shown below). Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly marked with your child's full name. 

Female pupils Male pupils

Plain white collared shirt


Plain white collared shirt


Black school cardigan or jumper



Black school jumper


Black knee-length school skirt or trousers



Black school trousers