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Outdoor Pursuits

Pupils at Finch Woods have the chance to take part in Outdoor Pursuits. We believe placing pupils in a different context from one they normally find themselves in is a powerful learning and therapeutic tool.

It allows them to test themselves personally against both the environment and the demands of an activity, rather than their peers and develop new aptitudes and dispositions. It requires them to make informed choices and understand and take responsibility for the consequences.

Also putting pupils in situations which necessitate them working with, and relying upon others requires them to develop social awareness, skills and appreciation of others.

At Finch Woods Academy we have a wide range of outdoor activities which along with all the therapeutic benefits pupils are also able to gain qualifications.

Activities and qualifications include:

  • Rock climbing            NICAS level 1-2
  • Mountain Biking       AQA Unit Awards
  • Orienteering              AQA Unit Awards
  • Water Sports             RYA and AQA Unit Awards