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ICT & Computing

Head of Department: Mrs H Miller

Teachers of ICT: Mrs H Miller


At Finch Woods Academy, we believe that that the use of ICT is central to the education of all pupils.

We provide and give opportunities for pupils to apply and develop their technological understanding through a range of different situations and tasks.

Through the curriculum at Finch Woods Academy:

  • We aim to give our pupils a curriculum that is broad, balanced, and relevant. We want to develop and teach pupils the skills that will enable them to embrace and utilise new technologies in a socially responsible and safe way.
  • We aim to create engaging, interactive lessons that promote the teaching of computational thinking.
  • We aim to group topics so that they are sequined and in a logical order.
  • We aim to teach pupil’s the skills to remain safe and secure in the digital world.
  • We aim to have a bigger focus on digital literacy throughout the topics, so all pupils can access ICT in a digital world both within ICT and other school subjects.
  • We aim for all pupils to be able to use, express themselves and develop ideas at a level suitable for the future workplace. 


Students experience opportunities to all increase their understanding of how computers work, the changes in modern technology, as well as to focus on key areas of e-safety such as social media and how it impacts on their life

Pupils follow the Computing national curriculum and the Educated in a digital world document. This curriculum allows pupils to develop their personal skills and to be able to apply them to a wide range of different subjects.

Our topic led curriculum allows pupils to engage with the National Curriculum objectives in a range of ways using a variety of tools including desktop computers.

We recognise that all classes have pupils with widely differing ICT abilities. This is especially true when some pupils have access to ICT equipment at home, while others do not. We provide suitable learning opportunities for all.

To ensure that we make Computing an engaging and challenging learning experience.

Keep up to date with the technological changes that go on in

To provide a positive stimulus we ensure that pupils are grouped by ability in the room and setting different tasks to each ability group.

Providing resources of different complexity depending on the ability of the pupil.



Overall understanding of how to use technology across the curriculum and how it can be used to support other subjects. Better online presence for students with a deeper understanding of the effects of social media on their lifestyle Be able to use computational / logical thinking to successfully program.

Majority of pupils will leave with recognised qualifications and accreditations.

Some pupils will join colleges to further develop their ICT skills and gain employment.

ICT is embedded across the school and feeds directly into other subjects. All pupils will feel successful, and their parents/carers will have a greater understanding of the digital world.


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