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“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

Marcus Garvey


Rather than merely memorising details and dates of yesteryear, the History curriculum at Finch Woods is a rich tapestry designed to utilise knowledge of the past to provide pupils with the analytical and evaluative skills required to succeed in the ever-changing modern world.

Pupils will gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of Britain and our society, past issues and the events that have made it the way that it is today, helping us to understand and appreciate our own identities. Pupils will also be gifted the opportunity to develop their knowledge and appreciation of cultures, ideas and traditions that are different from their own, promoting respect, tolerance and ample coexistence.

The intention of our History curriculum is to motivate and inspire students to believe in their ability to engage with a variety of evidence forms, to develop and justify their opinions, and engage in respectful and meaningful debates. A focus on disciplinary literacy facilitates the use of key vocabulary to confidently access a range of historical sources, and to write in the manner of a historian.

Far more than just a qualification, history sets us on a journey of self-improvement, teaching empathy and tolerance as we gain a deeper understanding of the complexity and diversity of human experience, developing awareness of the political, economic and social factors that have shaped the lives of those before us, and the impact that they continue to have upon us today.

Pupils will develop their understanding of the world, becoming capable of independent critical, yet tolerant, thought, and of drawing informed, ethical conclusions based on their own interpretations of evidence. This, in turn, refines pupils’ reading and writing skills, analysing multiple texts from an array of time periods and drawing their own conclusions.

Understanding our past is the key to unlocking our future, and here at Finch Woods we aim to produce a cohort of inquisitive, curious, engaged historians equipped with the tools to thrive.