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Finch Woods Academy

Design technology/ Graphics

Head of Department: Mrs Carroll

Teacher of Design Technology/ Graphics: Mrs Carroll


The Design Technology Department at Finch Woods Academy delivers the teaching of Textiles, Resistant Materials and Graphics.


DT/ Graphics is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject that encourages learners to think and intervene creatively to solve problems both as individuals and as members of a team. It seeks to make links with Art, Science, Maths and ICT so as to enable learners to develop a sense of their place in the world and equip them for economic and social independence in adulthood.


Why DT/ Graphics?

At Finch Woods Academy, we develop our pupils to be highly capable individuals. Our curriculum is designed to develop confident learners who can communicate, problem-solve and use a variety of tools, techniques and processes to achieve high quality results in this chosen field. Our pupils will be able to make links with Art, Science, Maths and ICT equipping them with the knowledge and skills required through life.

Our pupils develop their resilience and independence as they gain qualifications needed to access further education, employment, or training. Through Design Technology pupils are given the necessary opportunity to understand the world around them, developing an greater understanding of the world through research, design and development. Pupils are encouraged to work within the health and safety rules in a Design Technology environment to keep themselves and others safe when working.


Programme of study


KS3 will be based in understanding and knowledge of the key subjects in Design Technology:

Textiles: using tools and equipment and producing viable outcomes.

RM: understanding the material properties of this material, confidence when using tools and equipment.

Graphics: knowledge of the design processes needed to create graphic images, using ICT and CAD/CAM processes to produce high quality outcomes.

  • Links with other subjects and life skills
  • Wider view of design in their world
  • Planning and organise enterprise opportunities to make viable product to raise money for charities
  • Personal development
  • Confidence when using tools and equipment

Pupils follow the key principals of Design Technology. These include material knowledge, finding solutions, processes and planning, applying knowledge, basics of design and enterprise solutions. Pupils follow the following programme of studies.

Year 7 pupils will understand the basic elements in Design Technology. This will be covered in three subject areas Textiles, RM and Graphics. In the first half of the term pupils will develop an understanding in the design process, materials and processes requires for that field of knowledge. They will then implement that information into a design enterprise challenge. The ultimate goal to produce a final piece of quality work.

Year 8 pupils will have the opportunity to extend their knowledge of the various subject areas in year 7. Here they will be provided with a more in-depth understanding of materials, processes and development. Pupils will be given the opportunity to design their individual solutions to task and use the knowledge and skills they have acquired. Pupils will have to use their understanding of the design and making process and apply this to the wider world through a skill directed project.

Year 9 pupils will be given the opportunity to embed their knowledge of the design process with guided task in each subject area. Pupils will have the chance to briefly review information compiled in years7/8. This will enable pupils to take a more independent approach to their learning and development of the subject areas. The aim of this year is to produce quality products which have a retail value in order to raise money for a charity of their choice.


Pledge Activities:

  • Visit local galleries and areas of design excellence
  • Community projects, developing positive connections in the community
  • Enterprise initiatives, charity work and raising money for good causes



In KS4, the focus will be graphic design and processes in line with GCSE qualifications.

Pupils study areas of the graphic design process and then in conjunction in order to secure a strong understanding and enable them to apply their knowledge through carefully guided instruction, covering all course requirements and preparation for GCSE exams.

The aims of the GCSE Graphics course are to:

  • Develop fluent knowledge, skills and understanding of design ideas and concepts
  • Acquire, select and apply graphic techniques to answer objectives
  • Using CAD/CAM processes to produce viable solutions to targets, make deductions and draw conclusions
  • Comprehend, interpret and communicate graphic information in a variety of forms appropriate to the information and context
  • Using skills and knowledge to produce solutions with links to enterprise opportunities, making the subject and knowledge relevant to real world issues

Year 10 pupils have the opportunity to follow a well-planned and progressive program of study. Pupils have the chance to design and produce a range of graphic solutions using CAD/CAM. This will enable pupils with the basic understanding of the design process. Using ICT pupils will develop their personal style.

Explore graphic processes, materials & techniques, Introduction to Graphic Design: Understand components of graphic design, Graphic Design Practice: Understand the work of graphic designers, preparation and practise.

Year 11 pupils develop a greater understanding of the wider world, via exploration of designers currently working in the field of design. Pupils will use their technical skills, knowledge and CAD/CAM to produce quality outcomes to directed tasks in a graphic context.

Responding to a Graphic Design Brief, Understand working in the graphic design industry, Produce and present final graphic outcomes, Finalise graphic projects.


Qualification: 603/0844/8 – NCFE Level 1 Technical Award in Graphic Design.

                         603/0845/X – NCFE Level 2 Technical Award in Graphic Design

Examination board: NCFE

Lessons: 3x a week

Design software ‘Inkscape’. NCFE pupil worksheets ‘Unit Booklets’


Pledge Activities:

  • Visit galleries and exhibitions
  • Attend Open Day at University
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Use Graphic skills in a practical work related setting, producing brochures, invitations and business logos