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We believe that every child / young person and staff member has the entitlement to benefit from an inclusive, mutually respectful, tolerant and positive learning experience (Learn) which is ambitious, relevant, broad and enriched (Enjoy), and which enables them to achieve far greater individual success (Succeed) than they might previously have even thought possible.

Learn, Enjoy, Succeed


OUR Mission

Our mission is to educate with creativity and rigour, provide an environment for enjoyment, where everyone belongs and we aspire for our pupils to succeed at the highest level.

Learn, Enjoy, Succeed


Through values we aim:

To create a mutually respectful and inclusive learning community. Developing a ‘Culture of Excellence’ where there are ‘no limits’ to what a pupil can achieve. We insist upon high standards and expectations for all through:

  • Developing confident, successful and independent learners who are prepared for adulthood and life beyond school
  • Developing strong literacy, numeracy, and digital literacy skills
  • Respecting and tolerating different cultures and other view points
  • Promoting high academic standards, so that every pupil reaches their full potential
  • Providing a rich learning environment including arts, culture and sport
  • Knowing and understanding each child as an individual and for them to understand themselves
  • Providing a welcoming, safe, happy and supportive  learning environment
  • Encouraging pupils to act responsibly and respectfully to all
  • Establishing and maintaining effective relationships between home, school and the community
  • Developing creative, well rounded and resilient individuals
  • Nurturing a love of learning and a spirit of enquiry
  • Ensuring our staff learn, enjoy and succeed