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Design and Technology

"Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future."

Robert L. Peters


We believe that students deserve a Design & technology curriculum which prepares them for the world they live in.

Our Design and technology curriculum gives young people the skills and abilities to engage positively with the designed and made world.  They learn how products and systems are designed and manufactured; how to be innovative and to make creative use of a variety of resources including traditional and digital technologies, to improve the world around them.

We provide opportunities that allow students to develop a knowledge of a range of technology areas in KS3 including: product design, textiles, graphics and food preparation & nutrition. Students grow in confidence through working in dedicated teaching environments, use of quality manufacturing equipment and specialist teaching.

At the centre of the subject is creativity and imagination. Design & Technology is a subject which draws on, develops and implements a range of different disciplines including mathematics, science, engineering, computing, geography, business studies and art. The subject embeds high quality literacy skills through analysis and evaluation techniques.

Our Design & Technology curriculum will give the students an opportunity to:

Research and Design

  • Engage in an iterative process of design and making;
  • Undergo primary and secondary research techniques;
  • Identify and solve problems;
  • Develop specifications;
  • Use a variety of design strategies;
  • Develop and communicate their design ideas.


  • Select from and use specialist tools, techniques, processes, equipment and machinery precisely, including computer-aided manufacture;
  • Select from and use a wider, more complex range of materials, components and ingredients, taking into account their properties.


  • Analyse the work of past and present professionals and others to develop and broaden their understanding;
  • Investigate new and emerging technologies;
  • Undertake personal project work, analysing how the product fulfils the requirements of the specification and the user’s needs, wants and values;
  • Recognise how their product can be modified for commercial manufacturing;
  • Understand developments in design and technology, its impact on individuals, society and the environment, and the responsibilities of designers, engineers and technologists.

Food preparation and nutrition equips students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to cook and apply the principles of food science, nutrition and healthy eating; enabling learners to be confident and independent individuals in life.

Our Food Preparation and Nutrition curriculum will give the students an opportunity to:

  • Understand and apply the principles of nutrition and health;
  • Cook a repertoire of predominantly savoury dishes so that they are able to feed themselves and others a healthy and varied diet;
  • Become competent in a range of cooking techniques;
  • Understand the source, seasonality and characteristics of a broad range of ingredients;
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the functional, chemical and nutritional characteristics of food;
  • Understand the relationship between diet, nutrition and health, including the physiological and psychological effects of poor diet and health;
  • Explore a range of ingredients and processes from different culinary traditions.