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Community Outreach: The Farm Project

Pupils have the opportunity to go along to the ‘farm’, the Shetland Pony Welfare Trust Rescue Farm in Hale Village, to help muck out the stables, clean down all of the yard area and clear the massive fields of horse ‘dung’.

On the farm it’s not just ponies and horses that live there; ‘residents’ include pigs, sheep, billy goats, chickens, hens, llamas, rabbits, cats, dogs and geese.

These are all animals that have been ‘rescued’; some have literally been just dumped at the gates of the farm, by their owners not wanting them anymore, which is very sad.

Whilst our students have the opportunity to see, be around and help care for all of these animals, they have also shown an excellent understanding and empathy towards nature and the animals when working with and around them.


Visit their website to find out more: