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Finch Woods Academy

Behaviour Outreach Service

Finch Woods Academy is Knowsley’s SEMH special school and is now providing a bespoke Behaviour Outreach Service in partnership with the local authority to all schools in Knowsley.

The purpose of the Outreach is to support inclusive practice in schools and to help manage challenging behaviour within school settings.

The outreach service has been running since 2017 and, in that time period, has provided support to pupils and staff in 46 schools across Knowsley, Halton and Liverpool.

Behaviour Outreach is provided by a team of highly trained and experienced SEMH teachers and HLTA’s. The outreach offer to schools includes:

  • Observation and assessment of the child within the school setting
  • Work with individual or small groups of pupils
  • Advice on and support interventions
  • Give advice and support for the reintegration and inclusion of pupils
  • Observe whole classes and offer strategies to support staff
  • Review school behaviour policies
  • Assess where behaviour is having an impact on the progress of children
  • Provide training in Attachment, Mental Health and Positive Behaviour Management for – whole school, teaching staff, lunchtime supervisors, teaching assistants, learning mentors, cover supervisors, foster carers and parents
  • Advise on and support children who require help with anger management
  • Assist with managing challenging behaviour
  • Help with writing effective Behaviour for Learning Plans
  • Promote Behaviour for Learning

The outreach service is currently fully funded for local authority schools. For Academies, there is a charge of £395 per pupil to be supported. Training packages can be priced on a bespoke basis.

The Behaviour Outreach Service is a Wave 2 Intervention in the Knowsley Behaviour Intervention Offer. Schools need to follow School Action, Wave 1 and then be referred by Link Inclusion Officer (Mark Strevens) to Finch Woods Behaviour Outreach.


Contact Information 

To access the Behaviour Outreach Service please contact Mark Strevens on 0151 443 3454 or email mark.strevens@knowsley.gov.uk

For any further enquiries on the Finch Woods Behaviour Outreach please contact the team on 0151 271 3288 (Option 5)

Behaviour Outreach team:

Doug Stewart: dstewart@finchwoodsacademy.net

Charlotte Alcock: calcock@finchwoodsacademy.net

Behaviour Outreach Feedback 

“The work the outreach team has done with this child has enabled us as staff to understand the needs of this child in more depth and hence has been supportive and useful” Primary School 2019

“Now we have experienced the support and advice this service offers we will be accessing it again, thank you so much” Primary School 2019

“Prevented a permanent exclusion and gave spells of really positive behaviour” Primary School 2019

“Thank you for helping Child A and not giving up on him” Parent 2018

“The strategies were effective and achievable to implement in a school setting” Secondary School 2019