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Art & Photography

Head of Department: Mrs Hitchman

Teacher of Art & Photography: Mrs Hitchman


In Art and Photography we aim to engage, inspire and challenge all our pupils; equipping them with the skills and motivation to invent and create.

Our students are taught skills, techniques, history of the subject, analysis and evaluation.

We are passionate, engaged and motivate, developing creative skills and a positive outlet for all pupils.

Our positive and relaxed approach encourages our pupils to use the arts for their own purposes, equipping them with lifelong interests.


Why Art and Photography?

It’s been proven that early exposure to visual arts promotes activity in the brain. Art helps children understand other subjects much more clearly - from maths and science, to language arts and geography. It develops focus, confidence and creativity and exposes our pupils to life skills such as perseverance, decision-making and accountability within the confines of a calm, nurturing subject. These are all transferable skills students will carry through their academic journey and beyond.


Programme of study

Key Stage 3:

Pupils learn to use a range of techniques to record their observations in sketchbooks, journals and other media as a basis for exploring their ideas.

Pupils use a range of techniques and media, including painting, sketching, ink and pastels, increasing their proficiency in the handling of different materials.

It enables pupils to understand and communicate a personal insight into a topic that goes beyond their own interests, developing skills independently.


Short courses: Arts Award Bronze and Silver

Lessons: 2 x week

  • Year 7 : Shapes, colours, mixed media, collage and mosaics
  • Year 8: Graffitti, line, silhouettes, patterns
  • Year 9: Street art, line and scale, art history 


Pledge Activities:

  • Visit local museums and galleries
  • London visit – looking at architecture and culture
  • Yearly rewards trip 


Key Stage 4:

At KS4 our students access both GCSE Art and GCSE Photography at Finch Woods Academy.

Students will learn to analyse and evaluate their own work, and that of others, in order to strengthen the visual impact or applications of their work.

They will learn to understand the history of art, craft, design and architecture, including periods, styles and major movements from ancient times up to the present day.

They will learn how to utilise this in their own work, using influences, skills and techniques learnt.


Qualification: GCSE Art and GCSE Photography

Exam board: AQA


Art Lessons: 2 x week

  • Year 10: Line/ Shape/ Perspective, mixed media development, analysis and evaluation
  • Year 11: Thematic and Personal study


Photography Lessons: 2 x week

  • Year 10: Camera use, angles, perspective, topics, colour, shading and editing
  • Year 11: Thematic and Personal Study


Pledge Activities:

  • International trip – Barcelona/ New York/ Poland/ Belgium
  • Photography skills trips
  • Attend art and photography auction with the Knowsley borough to benefit local charities


Curriculum Overview 

For a more detailed look at what we aim to cover within both the Art and Photography Curriculum this year:

Art Curriculum

Photography Curriculum

Photo gallery

 Take a look at some of the fantastic work our current and past pupils have produced: